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Broadway in Your Home

Masterclass Series

Jennifer Theriot

Jennifer Theriot (The Lion King National Tour) is kicking off the season with an audition prep class - both songs and monologues and telling you about her experience as a pro-performer with a vocal injury. Don't miss it!

Allison Guiin

Allison Guinn (Les Miserables, On the Town, Hair) was our very first Play the Part Broadway Masterclass teacher and the inspiration for our programs. She will be working on personal storytelling with you this time!

Rob McClure

Broadway Legend, Rob McClure, will be here to work with you on taking your performance to a new level!

Eric Bean Jr

Eric Bean Jr. (The Lion King) is back to work with you on a Broadway Jazz style audition combo! Mixed level class.

Marlaina Powell

Marlaina Powell (Broadway - The Lion King, Smokey Joe's Cafe) will be teaching a MT Workshop, guiding you on your acting and storytelling through song.


Adam Bashian (Phantom of the Opera, In Transit, Octet) is back with us, again! He will be working with you on honing those audition cuts. He is a master at auditioning - come check it out!

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