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Our response to the current violence in our communities

Play the Part believes that Black Lives Matter.


We condemn all acts of racism as they permeate our society and culture. We recognize the systemic nature of racism that has continuously held down people of color. We understand that as a theater arts educational organization, we have a responsibility to lift up the voices of marginalized people.


As an organization, we have and will continue to take specific steps to elevate the voices of artists and students of color:

   1. When bringing in Broadway Artists to teach Master Classes, we try to make sure we are bringing in a diverse group of artists.

   2. We reach out to communities of color and invite them to our classes. 

   3. We offer a no-questions-asked scholarship policy in order to make sure our classes are accessible.


As humans living in this world, other action steps we take and encourage you to take:

  1. Support artists from marginalized communities by going to see their shows, buying their albums, etc.

  2. Make purchases from black-owned businesses in our community.

  3. Educate ourselves and our loved ones on how to be better allies.

  4. Donate to organizations doing the hard work.

  5. Listen more.

  6. Speak up when we see acts of racism, even “minor” ones. The small things help support the big things!


These lists are far from exhaustive and we will remain open to any suggestions people have on ways to do even more.


Here is a list of resources to help in understanding anti-racism:*C4gQkjr-FrQaPtbkGmr3fA&fbclid=IwAR2dJAaXKCqMZmMva7dnIhhOPAeq0ERQGp1FUjzNdZQKprKh6XE__LKKoos



Here are just a few of the many organizations that could use your donation to help:


Black Visions Collective -

Black Lives Matter -

Campaign Zero -

The Mahogany Project -

Broadway Advocacy Coalition -


Our story

Serious training. Serious fun. Now in Seattle.

Play the Part began in the Baltimore, MD area in the year 2009, bringing performing arts classes to mostly homeschooling families. In 2010, we relocated to Montclair, NJ, where we continued to work with homeschoolers and also expanded to bring after school classes to schools in the area. The idea was simple. Musicians play music. Actors play characters and perform in plays. At Play the Part, PLAY was the essential ingredient to our classes. We offered serious training for kids ages preschool through young adults, but always with serious fun as the means to learning. Play the Part is now undergoing a complete revamp as we expand into Seattle, WA and will be bringing performing arts masterclasses and workshops to a more savvy and sophisticated group of students of all ages. We hope you’ll join us in exploring how you can play YOUR part in our vibrant performing arts community.

Our Team

Christie Rotarius is the founder of Play the Part. As a teaching artist, Christie believes in storytelling as a means of empowerment for every voice and encourages YOU to find YOUR voice and let it be heard! She teaches voice here in Seattle, in NYC, and online (, works as a teaching artist around town and in NYC, currently at Seattle Children's Theatre and StudentsLive on Broadway. Christie has performed regularly in the NYC area, under the stage name Christie Lynn Devoe, in theatre, opera, television, film, sketch comedy and improv at venues including Broadway's George Gershwin Theatre, Madison Square Garden, and the Original Improv Comedy Club. Prior to her family’s move to Seattle, she was also adjunct faculty at NYU as a voice teacher.

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